File Downloads

The Ringtone Converter from Coding Workshop is highly recommended. It can convert between many different phones and formats. Check it out here

Nokring v1.5.5

Freeware program that allows you to compose, listen to and send ringtones in RTTTL format.

Nok2Phone v3.35 (3.07mb)

Converts MIDI and RTTTL files into keypresses for various brands of mobile phones.

Nokia 3210 Ringtone Convertor v2.4 (579kb)

Converts RTTTL files into Nokia Composer keypresses.

Iguana Ring v1.0 (194kb)

Converts MIDI to RTTTL. Success varies, usually note lengths are incorrect.

Mobile Express v3.01 (716kb)

Converts and sends ringtones for users of Nokia TDMA phones, eg. Nokia 5165, 7160, 8260.

mcTone v1.7b (2.17mb)

Sagem users can convert and send ringtones with this program.

WBEEP (40kb)

Small ringtone player that outputs an RTTTL file as tones through your PC's internal speaker!

Midi2Tone (109kb)

Converts MIDI to RTTTL, not as accurate as Nok2Phone or even Iguana Ring.

RTTL2MID v1.0 (26kb)

Small DOS program that reads an RTTTL file and converts it as a binary MIDI file.

MID2RTTL v1.0 (26kb)

Does the opposite of above

Ericsson Ringtone Composer v1.0 (1.4mb)

Create ringtones for your Ericsson with this program. Has midi capabilities but is in Spanish only.

Convert RTTTL

Similar to WBEEP, this small DOS program plays RTTTL files through a PC speaker

If there's any other ringtone related software you think should be on this page, mail me